Are LinkedIn’s New One-Click Endorsements Convenient or Meaningless?

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Endorsing connections with one click has made it simpler than ever to show professional support. It’s now so easy that some say the endorsements have lost their impact. A recent change to LinkedIn allows first-degree connections to endorse each other’s … Read More

Use Social Media to Find a New Job without Burning Bridges at Your Current One

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It can be tricky to do without being obvious, given its wide public reach, but that’s also what gives social media such power as a search platform. Now that busy season is over for CPAs, most of you are looking … Read More

The Deeper Meaning of LinkedIn’s New ‘Follow Company’ Button

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On Monday, LinkedIn showed off its new ‘Follow Company’ button. What should your accounting firm know about this tool? To some extent it’s a welcome but simple leap from the ‘Recommend’ button it replaces. The change, however, represents a great … Read More