What’s So Important About a Network?

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Networking: It’s huge. But what does this trendy term for a basic human function (maintaining interpersonal connections) really mean for our lives? It might have a bigger impact than you expect, especially in terms of the facets of life that … Read More

Newsle: Track Latest News Updates on Your Professional Connections

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Newsle allows you to easily stay up to speed on the latest press and news updates that mention your professional connections. Newsle is a platform that brings you news stories that feature your personal and professional connections. Through connecting your … Read More

Get the Edge for Speaking Engagements to Boost Your Professional Credibility

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Speaking opportunities are valuable for enhancing your reputation as well as that of your accounting firm. Try these tips to get those important invitations and make the most of them. As a professional services provider, you probably know how helpful … Read More

Create ‘Random’ Good Luck through Effective Networking

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Networking is what creates those serendipitous connections that lead to success in business. Encourage them by being a positive presence wherever you are. Think back on your entire work history. Can you recall instances where you happened onto a fantastic … Read More

Most On LinkedIn Aren’t Maximizing its Value

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You’re probably on LinkedIn yourself, being a professional, but are you sure you’re letting it work as hard as it can to promote your long-term CPA career success? Social media expert Alexandra Gibson says you’re probably not, since most people … Read More