Google’s Customer Match Offers New Options for Marketers

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  Google AdWords is offering users the ability to upload email lists of prospects and current customers for individually targeted marketing messages in search, Gmail and YouTube. Customer Match, as the freshly added offering is known, matches email addresses submitted … Read More

Finding and Bringing New Clients to your Accounting Firm

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In this time of tough budgets for consumers and businesses alike, adding new clients is mandatory for most accounting firms. At the same time, you don’t have unlimited hours in which to pursue an expanded client base; there’s already work … Read More

Nielsen Survey Brings Good News to Online Marketers

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Observed effectiveness of social media and other online marketing channels is validated by the results of a recent survey by the leading company for consumer research. Nielsen completed their Global Trust in Advertising Survey in September of 2011, and the … Read More

Put a Brilliant Campaign Landing Page to Work for Your Firm

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Creating a targeted marketing campaign can bring great results. When you give it an excellent dedicated landing page you increase its value immensely. Dedicated landing pages for targeted marketing campaigns are a fairly new strategy. In fact, we haven’t done … Read More