And the Winner Is…Undecided!

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Not sure which approach to digital marketing yields the best revenue boost? Take heart, because nobody else does either. That unsettling news is the result of a survey of marketers by Webmarketing 123. Their report was based on answers from … Read More

A Cheat Sheet For Social Media Graphics

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With social media changing constantly, it’s not always easy to stay up-to-date with the most recent graphics sizings for the different platforms. One group, Omnicore, has decided to make it easy on the rest of us and created a social … Read More

Instagram Claims Promising Results for Brands

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If you’ve been wondering about advertising on Instagram, you’ll be interested in these sponsored campaigns watched by the company. A rising star among the myriad of social networks, Instagram stakes out its turf on visual grounds. Users can upload pictures … Read More

Who Uses Which Social Media Platforms?

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You know they’re popular, but how do the users break down between the various platforms? A Pew Research survey gives us the details for a few of the most popular networking sites. Your accounting firm probably participates on at least … Read More