Mysteries of SEO Unveiled

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Trying to please the Google search algorithms is a constant struggle for almost every website owner. Not only is it continuous, but it often feels like the job must be done blindfolded. Assiduously chasing rumors and scrupulously analyzing every word … Read More

The Penguin is Coming – Look Busy

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It’s been almost a year since the last update to Penguin, Google’s much-maligned search ranking algorithm. Many webmasters and SEO experts have been waiting and wondering when it would happen with bated breath. Their sense of urgency stems from a … Read More

Marketing Mistakes to Leave Behind

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As 2013 gets well under way, be sure your accounting firm’s marketing strategies aren’t stuck in the past. There are dozens of new opportunities to enhance your firm’s marketing efforts through technology, social media and access to consumer behavior data … Read More

Recovering from Assault by Penguin

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The latest search algorithm from Google had a big negative impact on the search ranking of websites for many small businesses. A reader recently asked for advice about recovering, but offering a definitive answer was a bit beyond our expertise. … Read More