LinkedIn Gives B2B Marketers a Win with Matched Audiences

Starting April 24, accounting firms that advertise on LinkedIn will be able to use a brand new feature called Matched Audiences. While Matched Audiences is the official name, don’t be misled by the vague moniker: it’s a big win for … Read More

Finding Your Intended Audience on Social Media

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There’s no question that social media constitutes a powerful and convenient vehicle for interacting with millions of people and reaching new potential clients. With well over a billion current and former users, Facebook is the biggest platform by far. LinkedIn, … Read More

Where Do You Go from Here?

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Feeling overwhelmed by the many marketing options that accounting firms have to choose from today? It’s a reasonable response to almost limitless choices. A wide-open world of opportunities is a good thing, but finding your way through this abundance can … Read More

Say Goodbye to Lead Generation Ads on Twitter

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If your accounting firm has been relying on Twitter ads that gather personal data for lead generation, it’s time to look for a new alternative. The company will be phasing out the ability to gather information like email addresses, Twitter … Read More

Live Broadcasting Options for Accounting Marketers

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Streaming video: it isn’t just for kids sharing video game shortcuts. Businesses of many kinds have begun to learn how attractive live video can be to audiences, and therefore to the businesses themselves. Many marketers are intrigued by the idea … Read More

CPAs Can Target Specific Audiences for Facebook Ads

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Accounting firms that advertise on Facebook are about to see new options for targeting their audience for each ad, if they don’t already have this feature. Facebook is testing changes that allow advertisers to create a more specific custom audience … Read More

Big Changes Ahead for LinkedIn Company Pages

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If your accounting firm has a Company Page on LinkedIn – which it most definitely should – get ready for a major update to the page’s design and administrator tools. If you’ve noticed an invitation to review the page design … Read More

How to Avoid Annoying Your Social Media Followers

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After working hard to build up a presence on social media for your accounting firm, it can be tough to realize you’ve lost a few followers. What did you do? Why don’t they like you any more? According to a … Read More

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