Does Twitter Need Saving?

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If you’re in tune with Twitter, you may have heard unsettling rumors in recent days that the vast, tweeting nest is in danger of disappearing entirely. Panic set in for many, as the hashtag #SaveTwitter went from a tiny murmur … Read More

Facebook Pages Redesigned

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  Facebook is rolling out a substantial redesign for business pages. Hooray! Many businesses feel that the change is long overdue, believing that the previous layout didn’t provide enough opportunity for strong branding or effective presentation of information. If your … Read More

Measurement Follows Goals

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  One of the frequent complaints about content marketing, and social media marketing in particular, is that it’s nigh on impossible to measure the results in meaningful terms. For accounting firms, which are by nature focused on accurate measurement, it’s … Read More

Instagram for Business? Yes!

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  Instagram is highly popular as a purely social media platform, but it’s grown greatly as a tool for business as well. Since 2013, the percentage of Fortune 500 companies that utilize the site to build their brands has grown … Read More

Social Media for All, and For All a Good Site

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Your accounting firm needs to be on social media as part of your overall branding and marketing plan. The question is: which sites should you spend your time and effort on? Some sites are purely social and general purpose while … Read More

Google’s Customer Match Offers New Options for Marketers

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  Google AdWords is offering users the ability to upload email lists of prospects and current customers for individually targeted marketing messages in search, Gmail and YouTube. Customer Match, as the freshly added offering is known, matches email addresses submitted … Read More

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