Say Goodbye to Lead Generation Ads on Twitter

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If your accounting firm has been relying on Twitter ads that gather personal data for lead generation, it’s time to look for a new alternative. The company will be phasing out the ability to gather information like email addresses, Twitter … Read More

Create Content that Gets Shared

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Creating content is a worthy activity, but for most accounting firms, the ultimate goal is seeing that content get widely shared. In order to find out what strategies work to achieve that end, BuzzSumo and Fractl teamed up to analyze … Read More

Does Twitter Need Saving?

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If you’re in tune with Twitter, you may have heard unsettling rumors in recent days that the vast, tweeting nest is in danger of disappearing entirely. Panic set in for many, as the hashtag #SaveTwitter went from a tiny murmur … Read More

Twitter Integration for Periscope

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Twitter is making a change in the way users access Periscope broadcasts that could make a big difference for accounting firms and other marketers. Until now, viewing live Periscope streams or recasts required users to leave Twitter and access the … Read More

Google’s Customer Match Offers New Options for Marketers

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  Google AdWords is offering users the ability to upload email lists of prospects and current customers for individually targeted marketing messages in search, Gmail and YouTube. Customer Match, as the freshly added offering is known, matches email addresses submitted … Read More

Keeping Up With the Jones’ Firm on Social Media

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What is it your peers and competitors are doing with social media these days? The 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report lets you take a peek at the trends. For the seventh consecutive year, the Social Media Examiner has commissioned … Read More

Live Video Applications for Twitter

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Meerkat and Periscope are the newest ways to stream live video from your Twitter account. Here’s what your accounting firm can do with them. Meerkat and Periscope are locked in a sudden deathgrip even as they make their first huge … Read More

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