SSL Becomes a Must for Firm Websites

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If you’ve been watching the news, you’re well aware of the drastic rise in cybercrime. From major hacks to man-in-the-middle attacks that intercept personal and financial information, data security threats have never been more serious. That’s the main reason Google … Read More

The Penguin is Coming – Look Busy

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It’s been almost a year since the last update to Penguin, Google’s much-maligned search ranking algorithm. Many webmasters and SEO experts have been waiting and wondering when it would happen with bated breath. Their sense of urgency stems from a … Read More

What Would the Loss of Net Neutrality Mean for Your Firm?

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“Net neutrality” is a term that has been kicked around quite often in recent months. Unless you’ve been in a cave, you’ve probably heard it but may have tuned out, mentally filing it as just another boring, technically oriented phrase … Read More

Recovering from Assault by Penguin

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The latest search algorithm from Google had a big negative impact on the search ranking of websites for many small businesses. A reader recently asked for advice about recovering, but offering a definitive answer was a bit beyond our expertise. … Read More

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