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Blogging and tweeting are popular ways to share content in an effort to market your accounting firm, and for good reason. They are not, however, the only options available to you.

Though it’s easy to fall into a rut, savvy marketers keep their minds open to new and creative channels with which to catapult their content and thereby boost their firm’s recognition.

Using as many vehicles as possible to share your content is not only efficient, it’s more effective than limiting yourself to the same one or two you always rely on. The fact is, your audience is likely exposed to a wide variety of media sources. Utilizing more of your options will not only reaffirm your thought leadership to those who already know of your firm but also bring your insight (and your name) to expanded audiences who might never find you on your old standbys. If you’ve been feeling a bit circumscribed by your usual blogging and social media routine, try these ideas:

  • Make your blogs go farther: Consider submitting some of your best articles to other sites that share good content widely. Having your insightful posts published in Accounting Today or other respected industry publications – or even shared as guest posts on another firm’s blog – is a wonderful way to boost your firm’s reputation while contributing to the general wellbeing.
  • A picture is worth 1000 words: We all know the truth in this adage, which is one of the reasons infographics are so popular. If you create an eye-catching graphic that clearly communicates useful information, you’ll probably be surprised at how far this piece travels. Your niche probably contains plenty of trends, numerical relationships or other sets of information that lends itself to the infographic treatment.
  • Video killed the radio star: Even if you couldn’t care less about the poor radio star, you might find that video slays the dragon of invisibility with ease. The more time we spend online, the shorter our attention spans become (even for lifelong readers and highly educated users). Video, with its advantages of sound and face to digital face contact, is a powerful tool that can make it easier to grab and keep that elusive attention a bit longer. Sharing brief topical videos on YouTube, Vimeo and your own website is an effective tactic for reaching more audiences while doing your SEO a favor.
  • Deliver the news. Coming to your website to read your blog takes intent and action, but finding it waiting in convenient e-newsletter form in an inbox does not. That critical difference makes it far more likely that people will read your posts, assuming you use a catchy introduction and behave respectfully. (That means not sending too often, never spamming or selling email addresses, and making certain that your content holds value for your recipient list.)

These are only a few of the many ways you can reach out to those who might enjoy hearing what you have to say. Think about the folks who would really appreciate your insights; where do they go, both online and in the physical world? What are they thinking and talking about? If you can address those issues in the places they’re likely to be, you’ve got a great shot at expanding your contacts with the very best kind of audience – people who are truly interested in what you’re sharing.

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