The Cake is Not a Lie! (But It Is Imaginary)

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We’re celebrating the first birthday of Marketing Ideas for CPAs. Thanks to everyone who has joined us in this wonderful journey!

It’s true – hard to imagine a year has passed, but Marketing Ideas for CPAs is a year old today. When we conceived of the idea of creating a productive conversation space for those who work in accounting marketing, we thought it was a good plan. In reality it has been more fun, more educational and more popular than we ever imagined.

Our little group has been joined by hundreds of professionals sharing their insights, their ideas and their triumphs over the year. We’re grateful for the support and contributions of each of you. Whether you post frequently, signed up for the newsletter, make occasional comments or just read when you can, we appreciate the opportunity to share this experience with you.

We’re constantly impressed by the flow of ideas – this group has some real marketing talent in its members! We enjoy the community and the great articles posted by members. I have personally relished the input of so many creative professionals as well as the chance to write articles to share with others who understand the inherent challenges of this market niche. I love knowing that when I share an idea, someone else will have more to add or suggest new ways to think about it. Just as exciting is knowing that when I log in each day, another member will have posted something that will teach me a lesson or give me a brand new idea.

As we enter our second year, we look forward to welcoming newcomers as we continue the lively conversation. Thanks to all our members for joining the group and making it the fun and useful source of ideas, advice and support it has become. We encourage all of you to pause for a celebratory moment, eat a slice of your favorite cake and realize that you and your ideas are a valued part of this community. Thanks and happy birthday!

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Sarah Warlick is responsible for making us and all of our clients sound professional and eloquent as the content director at bbr marketing. In this role, Sarah is in charge of ensuring that all copy is well-written, accurate and free of pesky typos before it heads out the door. Additionally, she is a prolific writer and a frequent contributor to bbr marketing’s blog sites. She spends a good deal of time writing copy for our clients and has a unique way of crawling into our clients’ heads to create ghostwritten copy that sounds as if it came directly from their pen.
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