Time-Saving WordPress Shortcuts for Accountants

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WordPress is a valuable asset to countless accounting firms because it’s so user-friendly that many non-techies are comfortable adding blog posts, updating pages and making changes to their site on the platform. Handling routine web activities like this within the firm is a real money-saver, but what about saving some time?

The WordPress platform has a host of keyboard shortcuts built in, and learning how to use them can make a big difference in how long you spend updating and adding content. Here’s a quick look at some of the ways you can speed up your WP work.

Control/Command + Key
If you use MS Word, you’ve probably already memorized half a dozen or more keyboard shortcuts that, conveniently enough, will also work in the WP visual editor. Press Control for Windows and Linux or Command if you’re working on a Mac, along with the appropriate key to perform a range of functions that will apply to text you’ve highlighted:

c    copy

v    paste

a    select all

x    cut

z    undo

y    redo

b    make text bold

i     make text italic

u    underline

k    insert or edit a link

Some of Word’s more advanced keyboard shortcuts also work on WP, but that’s not all. WP comes with some of its own, making a few minutes of study well worth the time invested. Using Alt+Shift+Key (or Control+Option+Key for Mac) you can do all sorts of things without having to grab your mouse or switch to the trackpad:

l           align left

j           justify text

c          align center

d          strikethrough

r           align right

u          begin a bulleted list

a          insert link

o          begin a numbered list

s          remove link

q          quote

m         insert image

1          Heading 1

2          Heading 2

3          Heading 3

4          Heading 4

5          Heading 5

6          Heading 6

Formatting Shortcuts
There are other shortcuts that don’t even require the key combinations listed above. For common formatting commands (including some of those included in the previous list) you can simply use the following protocols, which WP will translate into the correct formatting command:

  • Begin a numbered list by entering 1. or 1)
  • Use a short dash or an asterisk to begin a bulleted list
  • Set various heading types by entering consecutive hashtags:
    • ##          H2
    • ###        H3
    • ####      H4
    • #####    H5
    • ######  H6
  • Transform text into blockquote with >
  • Enter consecutive short dashes to signify a horizontal line

In addition to all the helpful shortcuts for use in the visual editor, WP provides keyboard shortcuts to streamline browsing and moderation of comments. Those aren’t set as default, but you can enable them by checking the box in your profile page. Don’t forget to save your settings afterwards.

This is only a partial list of the many keyboard shortcuts built right into WP for your convenience. You can learn just a few or make a cheat sheet and really dig in, until using them is automatic. Either way, your website routine will be faster – you might even save enough time to enjoy a real lunch!

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