Tweeting Plants?

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When your thirsty plants can Tweet you for water, Twitter has gone beyond the fringe.

I will freely admit that this has very little to do with providing marketing ideas for CPAs. Though I do imagine many of you have plants, and this time of year, I imagine many of them get thirstier than you’d like. So I take that back, this could be an idea for CPAs after all.

So, here’s the scoop. A company called SparkFun Electronics created the “Botanicalls Kit.” Okay, cute name, what does it do? Basically, this device is inserted into your plant’s pot and when your plant starts getting parched, it will Tweet you requesting water. It will also thank you once the water level has been corrected. Seriously.

Being the owner of some severely thirsty plants, this sounds like a fun idea to me. While some may not like the world knowing that they are neglecting their plants, frankly, I really don’t care about that. The mere idea that this is feasible and that some plant-loving tech geniuses took it upon themselves to create this device and tie it to Twitter fascinates me. When you dig deeper, you do find out that it nearly takes an engineering degree to assemble the device. While they tried to make it blend in with your plants, it really is pretty big and garish, sort of like putting a power pole in the middle of a beautiful landscape painting. Finally, these gadgets come at the steep price of $100 each! If you order over 100, the price drops to $80, but I’m not sure that your average person is going to invest that much to let plants complain via Twitter. So while it’s pretty cool, I have no plans to rush out and buy even one.

But what this does tell me is that Twitter is going to become even more a part of our lives, whether we like it or not. Social media as a whole, and Twitter specifically, are not going anywhere. If anything, they are becoming more and more important, and the firms that ignore that fact do so at their own peril. You may think tweeting plants are pretty silly, and I agree on some level. But you can no longer say that Twitter itself is silly when it is quite literally showing up nearly everywhere.

So jump in. You may have to hold your nose as you enter the water, but you’ll soon be swimming with the rest of us and enjoying the benefits Twitter provides. If you need help, you know who to call!

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