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Vimeo is one of the most popular platforms for viewing and sharing videos. Their newly remodeled site makes it easier than ever to use. But what does this have to do with your accounting firm?

You’re accountants, not teenagers, so why should you care about Vimeo in the first place? Because video adds function and value to your website and your social media marketing efforts, that’s why.

Your firm’s online presence should be fresh and dynamic, doing everything it can to connect with viewers in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Video adds an element of modernism to websites and lets visitors see you in action, almost like a face to face exchange. It feels more personal than still pictures or text. There’s glitz appeal to well-used video, and since few firms are including it on their sites yet, it further differentiates your firm as a cutting edge one. Besides all that, including video is an extremely effective method of boosting the SEO power of your site. You need it, and this week Vimeo is making it a bit more accessible. Mashable offers a look at the changes in this article. Here’s what’s new:

  • Clean look. The redesign goes well beyond code (which got a major upgrade) to create a cleaner interface with a visual focus on the videos rather than clutter. Keyboard shortcuts and recoding help the new version work as beautifully as it now looks on all the popular platforms.
  • Content browser. Above the video viewer is now a content browser that lets you search videos, see related content, access your feed, check your viewing history or your video queue. Keeping it organized this way improves the experience as well as keeping those functions convenient but unobtrusive on the screen.
  • Inbox. Inboxes aren’t new to Vimeo but the upgraded version makes their use more obvious. From here, users can schedule, share or play videos while still on the page. It also includes a Discover function that offers personalized viewing suggestions culled from the entire site.
  • Navigation. The new site seems to be easy to find your way around, with functions clearly explained and information right where it ought to be. An Explore section has been added to make absolutely sure users can find what they need and learn how to use it.

Overall, the redesign appears to be well thought out and full of benefits that enhance user experience. It was just rolled out last week, so we’ll keep an eye on the response. Check it out, whether you’re already a user or it’s new to you, and let us know what you think of the changes. Play around on it and add some video of your own – all the cool kids are doing it! (And some of the very coolest accountants.)


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