What’s the Best Day to Send a Marketing Email?

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Sending emails as part of a marketing strategy is an everyday activity for accounting marketers. By now, you’re probably an expert at crafting messages that resonate, selecting a title that grabs readers’ attention and making your points clearly and concisely. But do you know when to send that email for the maximum response?

The day you send your marketing emails has an appreciable effect on the impact they make on recipients, so planning your email delivery time is as important as everything else you do to make sure the message makes a mark. You can send it right out as soon as you’ve put the finishing touches on it, but that can mean your carefully chosen words don’t get as much mileage as they could. But when is the right time to send?

A new report by Yes Lifecycle Marketing offers some insight into the best days to send marketing emails for the results you want. They analyzed 7 billion emails sent in the first quarter of 2017 from brands representing 10 sectors, including B2B companies and financial services providers. The data revealed some intriguing information. Here are two key highlights:

  • Friday came out as the big winner, with marketing emails sent on these days ranking highest in nearly all categories:
    • Open rate 18.2%
    • Unique click rate 2.0%
    • Total click rate 2.9%
    • Click-to-open rate 10.8%
  • The one area Friday didn’t lead in was conversion rate, where Saturday performed significantly better at 3.6%. Friday did well in this category too, though, earning a respectable 2.5% that put it in second place, tied with Tuesday.

Simple enough, although probably not what you expected. Most people assume that mid-week days are the best times for marketing messages, since Mondays and Fridays tend to be dominated by piled up work and getting ready for or recovering from the weekend. Despite the logic in that assumption, this analysis looked at an awful lot of emails and the results speak for themselves. Conventional wisdom may simply have it wrong in this case.

The next time you reach out to your audiences with an email, you’ll have new ideas about the best day to send it. Take the information revealed in this analysis into account, by all means, but don’t ignore what you’ve observed through personal experience, either. If mid-week or some other time seems to be the most effective for your specific audience, then go with what has worked well for you. If not, or if you’re ready to try a new approach, give Friday or Saturday a go.

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